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Luffy becomes the PIRATE GOD! Gear 5 Awakening and TRUE Devil Fruit NAMED in One Piece Chapter 1044


Luffy becomes the PIRATE GOD One Piece Chapter 1044


One Piece Manga Chapter 1044


One Piece, Chapter 1044: Warrior of Liberation

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t read 1044 yet!

And… and you really do need to realize the sheer amount of theories being thrown around over the past couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ve watched this many One Piece theories in such a short period amount of time in my life. What a time to be a One Piece reader! I think two of the more prevalent theories that I read on what the cliffhanger of 1043 meant was either the fact that Luffy’s fruit was the Resin Resin Fruit (with a lot of very convincing arguments) and the idea that Joy Boy was going to possess Luffy via some reincarnation bullcrap (which I would loathe if that happened).



But nope! One of my biggest worries was that Luffy wouldn’t be Luffy, and that was allayed pretty quickly. He does seem to be… high, for a lack of a better term. Or maybe it’s just all that laughing is giving me the impression that he’s super-duper high. He’s just laughing and talking about how he’s ‘having a blast’, and we get to see a lot of people reacting to Luffy’s literal awakening. Zunesha, Momonosuke, Yamato, Kid, Law, Marco, Hyo… even Sanji wakes up!


We cut to the Gorosei discussing Luffy’s fruit, and it seems like all the hints about a Devil Fruit that they had to rename, as well as Who’s Who being sent to guard the Gomu Gomu no Mi and the insanely severe punishment he got, were all foreshadowing this moment. The Gorosei think it’s a very much good set of priorities to sacrifice Bowlerhat McCP0 to kill Luffy, because they’ve been hunting down the Gomu Gomu no Mi for 800 years. Apparently, the fruit itself has been ‘evading’ the Gorosei because Zoan fruits have a will of their own.


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